Well Water Treatment

Having issues with your water is no fun. You really want to know that it can be fixed, and not just a salesman is going to take your money and run. Unlike many of the pump companies out there, we have years of experience in water treatment. But we don’t sell it, we help our customers by being the mediator between them and the treatment companies. We work with companies like Culligan and Kinetico to name a few to get you the best possible system to fix your water. We even stand by you while the system is installed to make sure it is done right and to make sure you don’t have to deal with any issues.

Just another way that Silverthorn Pump is going above and beyond to help our customers. After all, we want you to stay part of our family for many years to come.

Samples of a few jobs we were involved with.


  • System installed at Sulfur Springs Resort to treat drinking water.

We can even create a diagram for you of the system.

Whole House RO Diagram copy

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