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Our sun was having health issues that doctors were having trouble finding out why. At one point they asked us to have the water from our well checked to see if it could be part of the problem. Scott came out and tested the water and found high nitrates in the water. He advised us to have a sample tested with a lab to find out how high and if anything else could be there. He set everything up for us and worked with the lab to make sure our needs were met. Our water came back with bacteria and Scott walked us through how to shock the well. After which the water was retested to only fail again for bacteria. Scott worked with us and got our water treated for Bacteria and Nitrates, we are so happy that we called Scott out to help our family.

Scott Silverthorn installed a 2,500 Gallon water tank into my well system,
he had to replace a pump inside the pump house that would be sufficient for
the system, he had to alter piping and make tie ins, relocate pressure tank
inside the pump house, all was done in one day so not to impact the house
hold. Scott also had previously installed a Culligan water softener for me,
so he was proven I knew he could be a trusted source.
I called up some of the bigger well companies to get a estimate before I
ended up contacting Scott, they were all high priced and didn't seem as
though they were to interested in the job, mainly because they are all very
busy and don't really need the work, but if you were willing to pay a high
price they would do it for you.
Scott beat any price I could find and was very professional and
contentious. Scott will answered any question and stay with you as long as
you want to talk. If I have any well issues in the future he will be the
one I call on.
He will beat any price out there, I would highly recommend Scott for hire,
he's a straight shooter, and you wont be disappointed.

Awesome. Simple job became difficult because of old house with phased in buildings on Ag property. Helped fsort it all out and spent a lot of extra time doing so without charging more. Very knowledgeable and very fair pricing. Brings new tech and efficiency to residential pumps. Definitely the guy to get. Highly Recommend.

I have a very old well that has needed a few new parts twice in the last year, Some of the parts were from 1970-1980, Each time Scott was here early the same day, As He knows I have livestock to water. After dealing with Scott I would not trust anyone else, He is honest as the day is long, He will not try and sell You something You do not need. He is VERY reasonable, And just one hell of a nice Guy. I love knowing that when I have a problem I can just make a call to Him and it is fixed, I wish all of the businesses I deal with had His same ethics. I would give Him a rating of a 10 (Even though it only goes to 5) Thanks again Scott.

When we needed Silverthorn, they kept the appointment as scheduled ....other businesses didn't even bother to call.
They went above and beyond to solve our problem and we are grateful.

I was having issues with my well in Yankee Hill and did not know what to do. I called around and had been told that I needed a new well. Our well is only 100' and we were getting air and the well was shutting off from time to time. When I talked to Scott he said that the first thing we needed to do was check the well. It sounded like it could be running out of water but until we checked it, there was no way to know. After he inspected the well, he told me of a few issues. We could not be posative these were causing the problem, but they needed to be fixed. After Scott made the changes our pump has not had any more issues. It came back to a leak in a pipe and a bad pressure switch.
Scott took the time to check things over, not just give us a worst case diagnosis. He even went over options to install a pump protector to make sure that the well would be protected should it run out of water and gave an estimate to install a water storage tank instead of drill a whole new well. This option would save us thousands.


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