Buying a Property with a Well

Buying a Property with a Well

These are the things you should know.

nlike buying a place in the city, buying a rural property involves a lot more due diligence. You can’t take water, sewage, electricity and security for granted as you would in the ‘burbs!

There are several things to consider when purchasing.

1. In your 'offer to purchase', make a satisfactory well inspection a condition of closing. This means having a professional well inspection conducted to apprise you of its condition and any limitations. You do not want to foot the bill to fix a defective well after closing. See Well Inspection section for more details.
2. Most existing wells have 'well logs'. When the well was originally dug, the driller had to file one with the State and provide a copy for the owner. Ask for it! If it is not available, you can enquire at your County Building Dept. or your State Water Department. For California, see link below.
3. If the property being purchased has no water, then consult both a Well Company and your local County to ensure you are able/entitled to drill a well. In some cases you may not be allowed to drill a well due to water scarcity. You need to know this first.
4. You not only want to ensure there is water, but to test the quality or characteristics of it. Take a sample to a lab for testing and make this a condition of closing as well. See 'Water Quality Analysis' on this site for more information.
5. A final consideration is to have your water system (i.e. the tanks, filters, pumps, etc.) reviewed so you understand the condition it is in at time of purchase. You don't want to find out your equipment is on its last legs just as you take over.





Silverthorn Pump can help. Not only will we come out and do a through inspection of you well system, we will sit down with you and go over our findings. Purchasing a home is a huge ordeal, one with many things you have to get done. Don't let your water be overlooked. Call us today for help.

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