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Well Pump and Water Delivery System Same Day Emergency Service 

You don't choose when your well pump is going to fail. Thats why we don't charge more for weekend or evening calls. No matter if its a weekend or holiday we will get your water working again at the same price as if it were during normail business hours. 

Service calls start at $80.00 per hour. 

There are many common service call questions and complaints.

  • Air in the lines


    • A failing or failed tank, broken pipes down in the well or a broken offset line.
    • Normally with a broken offset you would see an increase of dirt or sediment in the water.
    • Low water level will normally cause air after the well has been run for some time. 
    • Faulty air release valve, will normally show signs of air and then it will do away when the pump runs for some time. The air will only return after the pump shuts off and then air is sent back into the pressure tank apon restart. 
  • Low pressure or no water pressure issues


    • Some reasons why you may have low pressure are: addition of filtration, clogged filtration, clogged fixture screens, excessive use of lowering water table, or a broken pipe within the system, or it could be that the actual pumping system is showing signs and symptoms of age or pump failure.
  • Water Pressure Surges


    • Water surges normally occur when there is an issue with the pump and tank sizing an inadequate sized tank or pump for your system may be the problem. They could also be due to a defective pressure switch or tank, or pressure tank failure.
  • Pump short cycling or rapid cycling


    • System short cycling is typically related to an unbalanced tank in a well or faulty pressure switch.
  • Banging Noises within the System


    • Most commonly caused by bad check valves, or loose plumbing. This can cause damage to pipes and even to the well pump itself. 
  • No Water and Low water


    • No water- power failure, a dry well, recovery issues, or a faulty pressure switch, or faulty controls, a defective pump, or pipe.
  • My water smells


    • Typically this is an indication of sulfer being present in the sytem
    • It can be from bacteria or other organic matter in the well.
  • I have Staining in my fixtures


    • Staining elements are extreamly common in Glenn County and Tehama County.White staining indicates that calcium is pressent in the water. Orange staining indicates that iron is present and black staining typically indicates that manganese is present. If your have sandy desposits along with staining it may also indicate that sediment is present.


If you have these or any other issues with your water well pump system call today and we will help you get it working properly. Day, Night or Weekends, we are here for you. 



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