Keep your pipes from Freezing

I have had my pipes freeze like many families around the U.S. I have helped customers who had pipes freeze and do thousands in damage. The Chicago Tribune notes that nearly 250,000 people in America experience flood damage caused by frozen pipes. Protecting your pipes this winter can prevent thousands of dollars of damage in your home. The best part is a lot of the fixes don’t take a lot of time or money to do.

Why Do Pipes Break

Plumbers note that pipes burst not because of the ice that formed in the pipe. Increased pressure between the ice and the faucet opening actually causes the breakage. The pressure can build up to thousands of pounds per square inch. Since most pipes can’t handle the pressure, they burst.


Preventing Ice From Forming In Your Pipe

Let the water run
I’m really all about saving the planet, and I don’t really like the idea of letting a faucet run water all night. Its a waste of water, can do harm to your septic tank and will run up your energy bill. But it is one option to keep your pipes from freezing. At any rate, letting the water run a little keeps pressure from building in the pipes and moving water doesn’t freeze as easily.

Wrap your pipes with extra insulation
Giving your pipes an extra layer of insulation will help keep the cold out. Wrap them up nice and cozy so they stay warm. Last year when it got cold you could not find pipe wrap at any of the local hardware stores. I recieved many calls from people who had to spend hundreds to fix leaks when they could have spent much less to have them wraped.  

Call us to have your outside and pump house pipes wraped before it gets cold and you have an emergency to deal with!



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