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My Company moto is "Quality Service at an Honest Price"

I believe that quality service should not have to cost an arm and a leg. There was a time when service was very important and many businesses have forgotten how important customer service is. I hope that all of my customers are left with a good feeling that they not only recieved the best service possible, but that it was a great price. 

My goal is to offer quality professional service at a fair price. I believe that by doing so customers will support us for years to come. I believe that happy customers are the best form of advertisement possible. 

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Common Well Issues

  • Split plate well seals are no longer allowed by code. This well failed for bacteria and in many cases this is due to a poor seal allowing things to get into the well.


Before and After Pics

  • This well in Willows was wired with regular Romex and the old glass fuse box was so full of wasp nests you could not see the fuses. By code this had to be rewired in conduit to protect the wire since it is not inside any wall.



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